Finance For Women

Finance For Women

At the Prosperity Group, we are committed to helping our female clients become financially independent whether they are single or in a relationship, after all a man is not a financial plan!

As a working mum with young children and building a business, Lisa understands that important issues like our finances can often be out in the back burner as we try to look after everyone and balance our family and working lives.

Time flies and the years go by so quickly.  Financial Planning for women is more important than ever when we consider the following:

  • On average, women retire with 50% less superannuation than men
  • 90% of women will retire with inadequate savings to fund a comfortable retirement
  • 95% of families are underinsured and 65% of women’s partner have no life insurance
  • 50% of women earn less than $37,000 per annum
  • 77% of women rely on some form of age pension in retirement

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The Prosperity Group can help women feel financially independent and look to the future with confidence.

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