Frank’s Story – Retirement and Centrelink

Frank had put off his initial appointment with us a few times. He was in the process of retiring, moving to a new town and life was busy. When it came time to apply for the Age Pension though, he knew it was time to seek help. We were able to help Frank complete his Age Pension application in our first meeting, providing Frank with a great sense of relief and the ability to get his maximum payments from Centrelink as soon as possible.

Following this appointment, we put together a retirement plan for Frank including advice in relation to his superannuation and setting this up as a pension account to provide him with a regular income payment in addition to his fortnightly Age Pension payment. We also explained that Frank could take lump sums as needed from his pension account. Frank has recently decided to use some of these funds to travel around Australia in his caravan.

Sadly, since our initial, advice Frank’s partner has suffered some health issues and once again we have been able to assist with additional Centrelink benefit applications. Frank needs to spend more and more time looking after his partner and finds it helpful that as part of our ongoing service, we have been able to help him with any ongoing questions in relation to his Centrelink payments and superannuation pension account.

Frank had dealt with a financial planner at the bank before, but had been referred to us by a work colleague. He likes our friendly and relaxed office environment and the fact that we have been able to explain his retirement strategy in a simple and easy to understand way.

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